SW133 assessment

Patient details

Blance & gait

Screen: The client has had a fall in the last 6 months

The client is observed to be unsteady

The client is using a non-prescribed mobility aid

The client has a pre-existing neurological disorder that affects balance, or uses a mobility aid and has not been reviewed in the last 12 months

Medications & medical conditions

The client is visually impaired

The client requires supervision or assistance with transfers or ADL

The client has new onset or increased confusion / delirium

The client is usually confused

The client has new onset or existing incontinence

Vision, supervision & cognition

The client is on one of the following medications: antihypertensive, antidepressant, sedative, benzodiazepine, antipsychotic

The client is on more than 4 medications

The client reports postural symptoms (e.g. regular dizziness, light headedness, recent history of syncope)

The client has a minimal trauma fracture and / or history of osteoporosis